ArcheAge Guides and Information. All secrets. is a website where you can find all information about new online RPG – ArcheAge. It is the most expected MMORPG of the year. Many players who have seen the game like its graphics and gameplay. No wonder, the game is colorful and looks attractive. There are a lot of new features in the game, it has huge PvP combats and developed crafting system. The game is worth playing.

Some information:
Developer: XL Games
Release date: 2013
Rating: 18+
Engine: CryEngine3

The game is a “sandbox” where everyone can do what he wants. A player can travel, gather resources, build houses or ships, interact with NPCs, take quests, fight wih monsters or other players. Players can gather in small groups (5 people), guilds, armies and factions. Each server will be unique because players can change the world as they like it.

The world of Arche Age is very dynamic and huge. It was created for travels and adventures. There are 8 races in the world of ArheAhe including humans, dwarfs and elves. Every player starts his journey on one of several great continents.

ArcheAge was officially announced on the 26th of February 2010 by XLGames. It is the main developer of the game. XLGames is the company created by former NC Soft specialist Jake Song (he is known as one of Lineage developers). Most of the stories for ArheAge were written by Jun Min Hee – a very famous fantasy writer. The development process started in 2006. ArceAge bought CryEngine2 in 2007 and it was a very good investment. CryEngine3 was implemented in 2011. Total budget is approximately 25 million US dollars.

The world of ArcheAge is huge and is not divided into several parts. That means you will be able to travel without loading screens. There are three continents separated by the seas. The size of the world is equal to WoW’s.